What We Do

We offer a full service, which includes;

  • Cleaning the fuel tank by means of agitation
  • Remove 99% of water from your fuel tanks
  • Cleaning the fuel through our filter machinery
  • We can add a Fuel treatment for the prevention of diesel bug and to kill bacteria if fuel has an existing problem after filtering
  • We are a fully mobile service
  • We clean your fuel and return it back to your tank so there is no loss of fuel.

As we are a mobile service we are able to sort your diesel contamination problem on the following;

  • Marine boats
  • Plant machinery
  • Domestic heating oil tanks
  • Generators

Fuel supply ( Red Diesel )

We are able to bring fuel with us if you would like your tank topped up, we can only supply up to 300 litres at a time. All of our fuel we supply is treated by ourselves with biocide.

Tank access

We are in the process of designing tank access panels to be able to gain access to most tanks, please contact us for more information.

We are able to clean numerous other tanks to help elimiate Diesel Bug, if its not listed please get in touch where we can help further.

We accept cash or card payments onsite and also payments via bank transfer

Mobile DieselBug Filtration Service
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