Equipment we use

Our filtration equipment has been designed and made by ourselves to fulfil requirements to best clean your fuel tank, it can clean fuel at a rate of up to 75 litres per minute, making it the best equipment to use as we can clean a tank from 25 litres up to several thousand litres using the one machine.

As you can see from the pictures we have used only the best equipment in the manufacture of our machine.

Filtration Equipment DBS Worcester
Diesel Bug Filtration Equipment
Diesel Bug Filtration Equipment DBS Worcester

The Fuel Treatment

Once we have completed the cleaning process we offer the option to treat the fuel in your tank. We use biocide to ensure once we have removed the water and contamination, your fuel is left in a condition that will not promote the growth of diesel bug. ( please note this is an additional charge.)

What We Need

We will need access to the inside of your tank from the top and a 240 volt power supply, if you haven’t got this please let us know and we can supply our own

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